Hi, I’m Mike

Hi everyone, my name is Mike and I’m excited to be writing about something near and dear to my heart: CHOCOLATE.

I’m sure you know how great chocolate tastes. It’s maybe the greatest food invention in history. It deserves to be written about endlessly in my opinion, so therefore, this blog now exists!

I’ll be sharing my favourite chocolate experiences, discussing the long and complex history of it, reviewing chocolate that crosses my path, and showing you a side of chocolate you never knew existed. My goal with is to share my enthusiasm for chocolate in ALL its many forms.

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It all started when I realized just how much I loved chocolate. I’ve been addicted to it since I was a kid. I noticed that no matter what mood I was in, I could always turn to my favourite bar of chocolate and instantly feel happier. And I know I’m not alone – so many people around the world share the same connection.

That’s why I decided to start Mike Knows Chocolate – to document my love for chocolate and share it with others.

I want to explore all the possible flavors, aromas, textures, as well as the history and science behind chocolate making. I’m excited to talk about how chocolate can be used in not only in confections, but also in cooking, as well as its potential health benefits.

I’m also planning to host interviews with chocolatiers and explore what makes each type of chocolate so special. And, of course, I’ll be discussing the different types of chocolate, from dark to milk, and all the variations in between.

Aside from all the education, I’m sure this site is going to be a blast to write. Chocolate provides so many interesting opportunities to explore and uncover. There’s nothing quite like having the chance to share my passions with the world.

Chocolate is a source of so much pleasure, fascination, and discovery. I hope to give everyone else the chance to explore the world of chocolate just like I have.