Compound chocolate, it’s the lower-cost alternative that’s missing the flavor, the texture, and the cocoa butter of true chocolate. Compound chocolate, also known as compound coating, is a manufactured product made from cocoa and vegetable fats as opposed to pure chocolate, which is made from cocoa butter and cocoa solids.

Compound chocolate is cocoa and vegetable fats, with a few added extras like sugar, emulsifiers, and flavourings. The cocoa and fat are first melted together and then cooled, resulting in a chocolate-like substance that is easier to work with. The ingredients are then mixed together until they form a smooth paste, which is then shaped into blocks or chips. It’s then ready for baking, candy making, and even coating desserts – and it can even be made in different colours and flavors.

Is it Chocolate or Not?

The main difference between compound chocolate and pure chocolate is that compound chocolate does not contain cocoa butter, which gives pure chocolate its distinctive flavor and texture. Instead, it contains vegetable fat such as coconut oil, palm oil, or other vegetable oils.

Compound chocolate is also much easier to melt and shape than pure chocolate, which is why it is often used in baking and candy making. It is more resistant to melting and can be melted quickly and easily at lower temperatures than pure chocolate. Compound chocolate can also take on different colors and flavorings, which makes it a popular choice for creating custom chocolates like fancy truffles you might find at a chocolate shop.